Five businesses in Dortmund and a few neighbouring towns are now under the Riepe family´s personal management.

The main hotel is the Ringhotel Drees in Dortmund, where gastronomy has had a high relative importance and tradition since 1928.

The grandchildren of the founder Bernhard Drees, namely Bernd and Hans-Georg Riepe as well as their wives Rosemarie und Monika, have been working in the administration for approx. 30 years. Expansion took place under their management with new businesses in Lünen, Herdecke, Unna and Witten.

Riepe Private Hotels has affiliated itself with the largest German hotel chain, – ‘Ringhotels e.V.’, in order to strengthen professional marketing and increase the degree of familiarity. In these businesses, which exceed 150 in number, private entrepreneurial spirit is especially cultivated as is family tradition, sincere hospitality and improvements in quality through constant investment.

Riepe Private Hotels also excels in terms of high professional competence and the committed encouragement of the junior staff. It is no wonder then that Andreas Riepe is now the first of the younger generation to be active in one of the businesses and further (children) will follow his example when selecting their professional training in accordance with the family motto:

Where guests become friends.

Ringhotel Drees in 1930, Hohe Straße 107 and the Riepe family