Kantinenessen war gestern!

The Conservatory

Our Conservatory offers space for holding small festivities with up to 20 persons. It is only a few minutes on foot away from Unna´s municipal registry office and we will receive you and your guests with a glass of Riepe’s Cuvée sparkling wine to start the festive wedding banquet.

The Sun Terrace

Enjoy and relax yourself on our large Sun Terrace! The terrace is protected from the wind and it also invites you to dine and relax during the evening. We will naturally keep our complete range of dishes and drinks ready for you there.

Kantinenessen war gestern!

schnell, frisch, lecker & fair


Unsere Angebote in dieser Woche


23. April 2019 bis 27. April 2019


Zu jedem Quicklunch erhalten Sie in dieser Woche


1 x Tagessuppe




Quicklunch 1: 8,00 €


Bunter Salatteller


mit Joghurtdressing, Trauben, Nüssen und Ziegenkäse


Quicklunch 2: 8,50 €


Gnocchi mit Pilzen

in Gorgonzolasauce



Quicklunch 3: 9,00 €


Rösti überbacken mit Pute,

Sauce Hollandaise und Käse



Quicklunch 4: 9,50 €


Scheiben vom Rosa Roastbeef mit Remoulade,

Salat und Baguette